Hey You!

My name is Rinnie P. and I'm your blue haired style friend from Houston, TX. I’m the Founder, Fashion Stylist, and Fashion Blogger at Rinnie P. Styles. I'm honored to invite you into my realm and share with you my love for fashion. I spend a lot of time fashion styling, blogging, and studying fashion.

I'm a sucker for..

color, fun styles, and sneakers. In particular, sneakers are my forte, but I also have a thing for boots & flats. Here and there I may dibble and dabble in the heel pond. Through time, I've learned to channel various styles while still implementing my sneaker obsession, and now my style is ever-changing.

I believe in..

having fun with fashion and I'm definitely not afraid of a style switch. This is because I don't commit to just one style! I get bored pretty fast :) With my fearlessness towards fashion, I realized that I should share my gift of style with others by offering style advice and services.

While hanging around my style realm..

I hope I can inspire you to take risks with your wardrobe and step outside your style box. I thrive off of my readers and clients being the best they can be while feeling great in their clothes. Don't be afraid of what's on the outside of the box you live in, because you'll never know until you give style a chance. I'm open to conversation so don't be afraid to comment on my style posts, I'll reply to you! Even feel free to contact me here if you have any questions. Remember, always style your fullest!

-Rinnie P.


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