Introducing IconaWear

Hello my lovely Style Babes! I am excited to introduce IconaWear, an up and coming clothing brand that I’m super excited about! IconaWear is an upcycled apparel brand fit for the rebellious and fearless girl that's not afraid to take style risks. I am definitely that girl and couldn't wait to jump at the chance to rock one of their goodies.


What am I Rocking?

Today I am rocking IconaWear's Red Besoin Vibrant Jacket. Didn't know I was wearing a jacket right? I know! I wanted to have a little fun with it so I decided to tuck it in my skirt and it became the look. This IconaWear piece is very vintage giving it a timeless value, allowing you to pull it out the closet even years from now. The details in this jacket is everything. The added embellished trim is a plus! 

Under my IconaWear statement jacket, I'm wearing a Black Pocket Jersey Z-Supply Tee from Bevello. This tee is very comfortable and versatile. I can wear it with almost anything! And as for my skirt, doesn’t it look familiar? Well it should! I wore this black faux leather skater skirt from Forever 21 with my Bratz Doll Halloween look in the "Bratz Doll Escapes Toys "R" Us For Halloween" article. Lastly, my black ankle booties are from Aldo. They are comfortable and cool to wear with a lot of fits. They are actually half off right now, so check them out while there’s availability.


This jacket can also be dressed down with jeans and sneakers. There’s nothing like a relaxed rock star!


In this look, I’m wearing the exact same shirt, with my DL denim jeans from Bevello and Converse sneaks.

More About IconaWear

IconaWear is an upcycled brand based in San Francisco and is dedicated to bringing you fashion forward pieces while taking the sustainable eco-friendly route. I was so profound of the direction they were going in and wanted to introduce them to my style babes of course! Check them out and be sure to follow them on Instagram @iconawear and stay up to date on all of their latest arrivals.


Also, enjoy 25% off of your first order with IconaWear using code "icona.rinniep"! How exciting is that? Now get to shopping!


I hope you've enjoyed this jacket as much as I have. Which style do you prefer? You prefer the look with the jeans and sneaks or the look with the skirt and boots? Comment and tell me what you think! Oh and of course style your fullest ;)

Step Outside Your Style Box.
— Rinnie P.