Sporty Meets Artsy

Hello style babes!

I am super stoked to show off this awesome muave block sweater to you all. In Houston, the weather is emotionally distressed shall I say, so I was able to pull off rocking this sweater in the spring time! It's like the moment we girls have when the temperature drops, we feel as though we should immediately grab our ugg boots. This is one of those moments!

What am I Rocking?

This sweater was made by Jenni Riccetti, Project Runway Season 15 contestant. I couldn't help but admire the different textures Jenni utilized when creating this piece. The brilliance in Jenni's handmade goodie is the differentiation of fabrics and textures giving you a piece made for an edgy girl with an artsy side. The shaggy collar is my favorite part about this garment! Most people may see this top and immediately think soft bottoms is needed with this look, but I beg to differ! I felt it needed overalls and platform sneakers, because of course I have to add my personal tweaks. Since platform sneakers were a must, Rihanna's grey Velvet Creepers were the kicks for the pick! For those wondering "Um... Rinnie, where's the accessories?" The sweater stands out alone and doesn't need much assistance, so over accessorizing is unnecessary. >>Click Here<< to shop Riccetti's designs!


I hope you all have enjoyed this look. See you in next week's stylish buffooneries, but until then style fully!


Rinnie P.

Step outside your style box.
— Rinnie P.