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Discover How to Style Ankara Prints!

Discover How to Style Ankara Prints!

Greetings style babes! I am back more colorful and vibrant than ever as you can see!  I am going to give you some insight on how I arranged this ensemble and when and where could you wear such striking fabrics. Ready? Take a read!

How To Style Ankara Prints

I am wearing an Ankara trench blazer, crochet bell sleeve top, white skinny jeans, and denim platform heels. Ankara fabric is an African fabric made with tribal patterns and is worn in the African culture. Some people have a hard time coordinating with these prints, but that's why I'm here! For instance, the blazer I have on is pink and consists of yellow, blue, and white. Due to the blazer being pink, I cannot wear a pink top or pink bottoms, because it would be pink overload! Instead, I grab colors from the prints and make those colors pop by wearing a top and bottoms of those colors. That's how I ended up with a yellow top and white bottoms. I decided to go with a jean shoe to color block with this look and it works! Sometimes if you're not sure about something, try it anyway because you'll never know the outcome of a fearless style decision 😉.

When and Where Could You Wear Ankara Prints?

If you're not sure on what occasions you could wear such vibrant prints, you could literally wear them anytime of the year!  As for this blazer, I could wear it in the Winter, Spring, and Fall. This printed blazer could be worn to fashion events, networking affairs, lounges, and parties (depending on dress code). No matter where you wear Ankara, you will definitely stand out amongst others!

Where Could You Find These Items?

I'm sure you're like "Yeah yeah yeah, where'd the Ankara blazer come from?" I'm getting to it don't worry! I wanted to give you a taste of what you could expect to see on the runway this year at African Fashion Week Houston (AFWH). If you don't know of AFWH, it's a series of multicultural events in Houston that pushes African fashion, culture, and entertainment through a week long series of events. This beautiful printed blazer is handmade by Designer Detola. Detola is an amazing designer that has presented her designs in AFWH 2016 and will be gracing the runway with her work for this year's fashion show as well. As you see, it's hard to miss me with these prints on! That's exactly how it is having a seat at AFWH fashion shows; it's mouth dropping, heart racing, and palm sweating good! If you love this blazer, you will love what will be presented this year, so make sure you follow AFWH (HERE) for updates on events! I have to go now style babes, but next week is only 7 days away. See you soon but until then style fully!


Rinnie P. 

P.S. Leave a comment and tell me how you would style this blazer! 😉 

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