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Style-guard on Duty

Style-guard on Duty


Hiya Style Babes! I know you've been waiting for this moment. The Baywatch movie came out, so of course I was inspired! For those of you that don't know, Baywatch was a major hit television series back in the 90's. It centered around the jobs of lifeguards at the beaches of Los Angeles. The show was the ideal show to watch to see women and men with nice bods! Today I'm out at Galveston Beach making sure everyone is having safe swims 😃. What am I wearing? Take a look below!

What am I Wearing? 

I was doing a little shopping and ran across Baywatch's collection at Forever 21 and thought "yesss, I must grab!" That's right, all items are from Forever 21! In the first look, I am wearing a graphic tee, graphic windbreaker, ripped knee jeans, and low top Chuck Taylors. The second look is the Baywatch graphic bodysuit. They actually have a similar swimming suit as worn by the women on Bay Watch.

Baywatch Bodysuit: Here

Baywatch Graphic Ringer Tee: Here

Baywatch Graphic Windbreaker: Here

FYI: Forever 21 also has a Baywatch Graphic Sweatshirt in Men's here

Am I Only Able to Wear These Items to the Beach?

The answer is no. You could sport the graphic tee on casual hang outs and relaxed settings. You could take the bodysuit, pair it with some cut up jeans or shorts, and throw on some sneaks!


Off for now, I have lives to save 😉


Rinnie P. 

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