Rinnie P. Tackles the Track Pants Trend


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The track pants trend has been taking over this year, so I wanted to show off how I gave the trend a spin. The trend is so easy to style! You simply take a pair of track pants and dress them up with a heel. If you have buttoned track pants, unbotton them to the waist line for a sexy flare! If you want to cover your stomach/waist, go for a top that's not cropped. What's so controversial about the track pants trend is that it's "unusual" to see them dressed up due to the sportiness of them. I don't see this trend going away any time soon and personally, I'm down for style that makes you take a second look.

Waiting for my ice cream in style.

Waiting for my ice cream in style.


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Top: Zara (Here),

Track Pants: Kloset Envy (Here),

Platform Heels: Kris Kandy Shoes (Here)



The Track Pants Trend was First Rocked by Rihanna Then Later Seen on Kim Kardashian.



Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Who do you think rocked it better, Rihanna or Kim?

Hope you've enjoyed this look, my outfit details are below! Remember to always style to your fullest ;)


Rinnie P.  

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Photo Credits: @dcrumpvisions