The Project Fashion Show 2018

A night filled with cutting edge fashion, pretty much sums up my night at The Project Fashion Show Exclusive Buyers Event. The Project Fashion Show is a Fashion Show based in Houston, Texas and it shines light on amazing designers annually. This year’s designers were Jamel Hawk, Vcheri, Dieu Est, Grayscale, and Ryan Knew. Here’s a look at some of pieces that hit the runway! 

Designs by Grayscale


Grayscale’s Collection was definitely made for the fearless party girls. Model Jela worked it in Grayscale's Black Pleather Two Piece! 


Every girl needs this metallic dress in their closet! It's very fun, edgy, and a definite show stopper.


Designs by Vcheri


Model Jessica Williams is rocking this unique jean outerwear by Vcheri. This is one of my favorite pieces from her collection. This jacket is complimented with artistic details on the collar, front, and wrists.


Designs by Dieu Est  


Nothing is more sexier than not trying to be sexy. This is very apparent in Dieu Est’s collection. Silk collar studded pieces were incorporated throughout the collection delivering a beautiful cohesiveness.

Designs by Jamel Hawk


I love this look by Jamel Hawk. It’s so simple, unisex, and modern. I would definitely rock it with a pair of kicks! 

Wrapping up!


I definitely had a great time and enjoyed all collections from each designer.  Stay tuned with The Project Fashion Show to get deets on all of their upcoming events for they definitely know how to put on a show!

Style fully,
— Rinnie P.

Photography: All images were shot by De'Marcus Crump @dcrumpvisions