I Wore Sneakers to a Cocktail Affair!


Yo Style Babes! This past Thursday, I attended The Project Fashion Show Exclusive Buyers Event and the dress code was all black cocktail attire. Did I quite follow the rules? No, not quite! At least I wore all black (shoulder shrugs). I’m the ultimate rule breaker so dress codes are irritable skin crawlers to me. Keep reading to see how you can get away with rocking your kicks in an upscale and strict dress coded environment. 


3 Ways to Beat Dress Codes


1. Put together an ensemble that has dressy pieces incorporated in it.

2. Make sure your pieces are trendy and/or very stylish. (This is important because when your outfit is so amazing, your presence inside their establishment is undeniable.) 

3. Thou kicks shall be jazzy. Translation: make sure your sneakers are up to par, clean, and fashionable.

The thing is to make sure your outfit is so awesome that nothing else will matter :)


What am I Wearing?

I decided to go with a velvet top and sequin skirt. Coincidentally, I had some satin sneakers with the same black sequins that’s in the skirt, so it was a match made in heaven. The look was completed with a faux fur clutch.

Smooth Velvet Pullover: Forever 21

Black Sequin Skirt: Forever 21

Faux Fur Clutch: Aldo

Whitemarsh Sneakers: Call it Spring

Hope you've enjoyed this look! Comment, subscribe, and style your fullest.

Style fully.
— Rinnie P.

Photography: De’Marcus Crump @dcrumpvisions