Sneakers Never Hurt Nobody


Hiya Style Babes!

I am having the time of my life in my dress and I just can’t wait to tell you where this lovely number come from! This is the best time of the year to rock a nice sweater dress. Today's piece is not your average, but that's the best part! By looking at this beautiful dress, you may think a nice over the knee heel, boot, or maybe even a strappy heel would bring more cohesion to this ensemble. As always, my funky style causes me to beg to differ! I'm all about being comfortable while looking great and sneakers are my number one go to. Today I'm giving you chic with a hint of sporty. May even be giving you a hint of boho vibes? It’s a little bit of everything! What am I wearing? Take a read!


What am I Rocking?

I'm rocking The Top Notch Sweater Dress from Yavar Collections. This is the perfect dress to pull out when you feel like being glamorous and making a statement. The sleeves are undeniably fun! Its mesh sleeves with faux fur details is what takes this sweater dress to the next level. Not to mention, it's super comfortable!

Close up please! 


Yavar Collections is an online clothing store based in Houston, Texas. I absolutely love this store! Yavar, The Owner of Yavar Collections, brings you one of a kind chic and edgy pieces that re handpicked by her personally. Follow Yavar Collections on Instagram and subscribe to Yavar's blog, Yavar Styles, to stay up to date on all of her stylish arrivals!

On my feet...


On my feet I'm wearing The Baylee Sneaker by one of my favorite shoe designers, Sam Edelman. These suede glitterized babies were the perfect combination with my dress, because it has just the right amount of jazz to make it pop. It is nicknamed the Saturday sneaker, but I would definitely rock them on a Monday. The Baylee Sneaker could also be dressed down and paired with jeans and a t-shirt. 


As I stressed in my last article “I Wore Sneakers to a Cocktail Affair!”, it is possible for you to rock your kicks with dressy pieces. Even if you have a doubt in your mind, try it out anyway! What do you have to lose?

It’s not about the shoes. It’s about what you do in them.
— Michael Jordan

Love this look? Hate this look? Comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Remember, you're not styling unless your styling your fullest!



Rinnie P.


Photography By: @dcrumpvisions