Women’s Watches: Unique Wooden Watch Styles to Look for


Are you a fan of wooden watches? I know locating some of the best women’s watches may sound simple, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Unique women’s watches are hard to find. Finding that perfect timepiece that you can wear day in and day out is a little difficult, especially when you’re big on pairing your watch with your outfits. You want a watch that you can see yourself wearing with almost anything, right? I know I do! Today I will be letting you know about my amazing wooden watch by Jord. Don’t worry, because with this watch you can wear it with almost anything! You also have a chance to enter a giveaway for $100 towards your Jord watch purchase! How cool is that? Take a read!


Who is Jord? 

Jord is a watch brand that brings forth simple yet stylish handcrafted wooden watches for the modern lifestyle. You can see all of Jord’s unique wooden watch styles here. Shop their women’s watches here and men’s watches here. Jord allows you to customize your wooden watch by conducting engravements and sizings. So not only are they the one stop shop for wooden watches, you also get the joy of personalizing your piece specially for you!


Which Jord Watch design am I Wearing?

I’m wearing The Cassia Series Olive and Aegean Blue Wooden Watch. I personally chose this watch design because it is perfect for my lifestyle and my wardrobe. It works for all of my clothing ensembles and it’s not too big on my wrist. Not to mention, I’m able to mix my jewelry metals (silver, gold, and rose gold etc.) with my watch and it pairs just fine! It’s very minimalistic, modern, and so light on the wrist that it almost feels like you’re not wearing a watch. 

How I Styled my Jord Watch


With my Jord watch, I’m wearing my Moon River Frayed Hem Top and Moon River Fray Trim Pants set from Bevello. On my feet, I’m wearing ankle boots from Forever 21. My wooden watch added a little more flavor to my look. This watch is just a must-have! It’s the perfect accessory for you to take right into the Spring time.


How to Enter my Jord Giveaway for $100!


Fill out The Giveaway Entry Form. Yep, that’s it! After this one step is completed, sit back and wait for a chance to receive a $100 gift code to use towards Jord’s unique wooden watches! Make sure you hurry because this giveaway will be closing on March 11, 2018. Trust me you don't want to miss out!

Wrapping up! 


Bottom line, Jord is the best place to find the most unique wooden watch styles. I’ve received a numerous amount of compliments in just a short period of time of wearing my watch. Jord is definitely a good source for both men and women’s watches. If you want a high quality wooden watch that’s light on your hand, modern, and minimalistic, I highly recommend Jord’s watches!


I hope you are loving Jord's watches as much I am. If you want a unique wooden watch added to your accessories, make sure you enter my giveaway above! Remember to always style your fullest.


Rinnie P.


Photographer: De'Marcus Crump @dcrumpvisions