Yavar Collections: Spring Ready to Wear Shirt Dress

Do you love a quick and easy ready to wear statement piece? I know I do! There’s nothing like not having to find some bottoms to wear with your shirt or vice versa. It’s so easy to just throw on a one piece and go! Especially when your one piece speaks volume without much needed assistance from accessories. What am I wearing today? Take a read!


What am I Wearing? 



Today I’m wearing the “On the Move Shirt Dress” from Yavar Collections. I am loving the prints in this piece! The fabric is very lightweight so you can surely rock this in the Spring time. You can also wear it in the Fall, so it’s perfect if you wanna also snag it to wear for later this year! Point blank and period, this dress is a walking statement. Not only is it a statement, it is very versatile! You can wear it with almost any shoe style! For example: sneakers (as I’m wearing it), boots (combat boots, chelsea boots, and thigh high boots), heels (sandal, pumps, and strappy), oxfords, sandals, and mules. It can be worn as a dress or as a shirt. So feel free to wear it with denims and tie it, or tuck it into your favorite skirt! For my corporate working babes, you can wear this as a shirt by tucking it into your work slacks or pencil skirts. I promise it’ll work *currently winking at you like the creep I am*. 



These Fancy Frames are also by Yavar Collections! Let’s just say if you’re prepping for a special day or night out and need a chic piece, Yavar Collections is the perfect spot. It’s literally the one stop shop for chic statement galore! 



My Nydoillia Sneakers are from Aldo. Aldo is one of my favorite places to shop, because they have some of the most striking accessories. These striped platform sneaks are definitely a fashion forward shoe to add to your wardrobe. Adding these to any look, will definitely cause stares! They’re super daring and are only made for the risky souls. Do you have the style heart to wear them? 


What you think about this look? Let me know in the comments! 

P.S. Prints are made for a reason, so wear them. After wearing them, I promise you’ll still be alive.

Photo Credits

Photographer: D. Crump Visions @dcrumpvisions