Chic x Sporty


I’m back at it again with another Kosmios piece! Let’s just say when I went there, I had a little bit too much fun! The staff is helpful, stylish, and just amazing! The vibes were so good, I didn’t want to leave. My sporty side was battling it out with my chic side, so I decided to combine the two styles together. Can you guess right away which piece I’m wearing is from Kosmios? Of course you can. If you said the shirt, you guessed correctly! Find out what else I’m wearing and get the direct link to this top. Take a quick read :)


What am I Wearing?

  • “Shake it off” Top: Kosmios

  • Frayed Hem Denim Jeans: Agaci

  • Fenty x Puma Pink Bow Sneakers: Six:02

  • Floral Clutch/Crossbody: Aldo

  • Ear Crawler: ASOS


Kosmios’ Shake it off Top

Are you loving this top as much as I am? It’s the statement sleeve that got me. The style is so simple yet bleeds chic and elegance. With this top, you don’t have to express how much of a lady you are. It speaks for you. It says, “I’m a lady. I’m wearing a fun sleeve, but don’t try me.” Ha! I love it. This top also comes in red, blush, and black. This top can we worn to special events, outings, brunch, dinner, a night out, and even to work. You can style it with a denim skirt, denim shorts, pencil skirt, pencil pants, cropped bottoms, and wide leg pants. No outerwear is needed. You have to let the top speak  ;)


Agaci’s Frayed Denim Jeans

The infamous frayed hem jeans have been the jean style of the Spring. Why? These are no regular jeans! They're packed with flavor and add an extra spice to any look. It’s evident why they’re trending! 

I also wore these jeans for my Blog Anniversary. You can see in the “Happy Birthday Rinnie P. Styles!” article. They fit very well on the butt and thighs. It has no baggy knee syndrome and no extra room around the waist. Also, they’re very stretchy and comfortable. Get you a pair now from Agaci


Aldo’s 3D Floral Clutch

A floral clutch is great, but a 3D floral clutch is even greater! The details, the details! This floral design stand out so much, that by the end of the day someone is bound to ask, "Where'd you get your bag?" I get crazy compliments every time I wear it. Also, it can be worn as a clutch and a crossbody! Oh how I just love versatile fashion... Check out how I wore it with my Valentine's Day look.

Fenty x Puma Pink Bow Sneakers

These pink bow sneakers give a feminine touch to any look worn with them. This is why I love them! They were released last year, but they're still one of my faves from Rihanna. The satin fabric amongst the shoe gives it an even more feminine touch adding the bow as a cherry on top. These sneaks are still available! Get you a pair now from Six:02.

Photography: D. Crump Visions    @dcrumpvisions

Photography: D. Crump Visions @dcrumpvisions

How would you wear this top? Tell me in the comments :) 


Rinnie P.