Dismiss the Fear of Repeating Your Outfits


I am the ultimate style repeat offender and I am proud of it! I know people look for us bloggers and influencers to let you know what's new, give you style knowledge, and tell you about clothing stores you should shop at etc. Here's the deal, I want to also inspire you to have fun with what you already own. Repeating your clothes is okay! Outfit repeating doesn’t make you less than anyone. I do it all the time!


Repeating Your Clothes Saves You Money!

Shopping is wonderful, but you don't always have to jump and buy things just because you see it floating across social media, or because you feel you need to keep up with anyone. I love shopping and buying new things. Who doesn’t? Sometimes the shopping funds aren’t always available. When this happens, we need to be able to work with what we have in our closets. This helps you make use of items you already own and keeps you from making unnecessary shopping trips.


Repeating Your Wardrobe Pieces Forces you to be Creative

I know that repeating clothes becomes boring!  When you have to repeat, this makes you wanna switch up your pieces that you’ve worn over and over again. It forces you to be creative and style your pieces differently each time around. 


What am I Rocking?

I am wearing a caged tie front top that I purchased from Agaci YEARS AGO. Note, this top is super old and is far out of style. My flare bottoms are from H&M's 2016 Coachella collection. These platform espadrille sneakers are by Superga, one of favorite sneaker brands. I’ve worn them multiple times and posted them on social media more than I can count on one hand. Wait.. do these pom pom earrings look familiar to you? Well they should, because I've worn them a few times on the blog :) You can see different ways I styled them by checking out these two posts: Farewell Hurricane Harvey and Living in a Colorful Closet: Fun Wardrobe Inspiration. By the way, the earrings were designed by one of favorite blogger babes, Nikia from Mad Maven Style. She designs one of kind pom pom earrings that can be rocked all year round!


Shop my look!


I hope this article helped you! Remember, repeating your clothes and accessories is perfectly normal :) How do you feel about repeating your outfits? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Happy outfit repeating! 


Rinnie P. 


Photo Credits: 

Lauren Mcrae - The Mcraes Photography