Goodbye Summer: Last Summer Outfit of the Day


Color where art thou color?

Today is the last day of the Summer and there’s no other way to go out than with a colorful bang. I recently acquired some cool sneakers from Katy Perry Collections and there’s no way I could go without ending the Summer in these babies! Check out what all I’m rocking for my Summer ending..



I’m a huge Katy Perry fan! Ever since Katy Perry launched her shoe line, I’ve been such a serious creep. So true! I’m always stalking the shoe site. There’s not one shoe style on her site that I dislike! The uniquely creativeness behind each shoe is what enthuses me the most. I’m not even a heel kind of girl, but I love Katy Perry Collections heels as well. This goes to show you how very much so that I’m in love with her designs. But these... These babies fell in my hands from the gum ball machine. I’m so in love! Shop them here: >>Trina Mesh Sneakers<<



These huge multicolored tassels were a must! They’re filled with colors just like I like it and the large size makes them even more fun. They were handmade right in my hometown, Houston, TX, by Burdlife. Burdlife carries some of the most coolest jewelry. Shop my earrings here: >>Large Multicolored Tassels<<

Clutch Purse


If you’ve seen my previous post about my clutch from Milanblocks, you already know the deal! I love it sooo much that I had to add it to this look as well. This bag literally can be worn throughout each season. Shop it here: >>Art Abstract Paint Acrylic box Clutch<<



This colored out tee from Zara was a definite soul match!



These blue skinny pants come from one of my go to mall shops, Agaci.

Katy Perry Gum ball Shoes.jpg

Goodbye Summer


I’m hanging out at one of the hottest juice bar joints in Houston by the name of Bebidas. What a way to end the Summer right? OK, this isn’t really a goodbye Summer, but more like a “see ya later.” Fall is here and I can’t wait to start layering! Woohoo! Are you ready for Fall weather and fashion? Comment your thoughts and feel free to share. Thanks for reading!

 Photography: D. Crump Visions