The 5 Pros of Being of a Maximalist


Are you the one that’s normally hesitant towards the maximalist style, but tend to admire those who posses this style? You gotta see what’s happening here. You’re basically afraid to try something cool with yourself. Give it a try!

What’s a maximalist?

A maximalist is someone who has the “more is better” approach to style. Where in contrast to a minimalist, “less is better.” A maximalist comes in all different forms. Take a look at some pros to being a maximalist.

5 Pros of Being a Maximalist

  1. Your outfit will stand out from others.

  2. You're bound to be complemented on more than one piece of your look.

  3. You’ll have the pleasure of combining multiple statements, bold colors, prints, textures, embellishments, and more into one look.

  4. You’ll become more fearless with your style. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

  5. You’ll have so much fun loading tons of fun pieces together!

In today’s look, I’ve combined metallics, holographics, sequins, and you know what? Dammit, I’m happy about it! It’s okay to have some fun with your clothes :) Take a read to learn more about my maximalist look of the day.


Can you tell that I’m feelin’ myself? Ha, it’s the jacket. I discovered this baby while shopping at Bevello. I thought to myself, “A metallic moto jacket? A must grab!”


These glamorous studded shades are from Kosmios, one of my favorite places to shop in Houston!


This large blue envelope bag is my fave! It definitely added an extra pop to my look. The “Metallic Diana Clutch” is by RAW (Recognize a Woman), a statement handbag brand where bags are handmade by Chanae’, an epic girl boss! One cool fact about her brand is each RAW handbag is named after an iconic woman. Check out RAW’s online shop for your next bag pick up! Their statement bags will definitely add some fun to your wardrobe.


Sequin patched denims with holographic sneakers, why not? I snagged them both from Forever 21 at totally different times, but who knew they would unite so beautifully.


Where can I rock This look? 

Today’s look can be rocked to parties, bars, fashion events, movie dates, dinner dates, and nightclubs (depending on dress code, I would have to wear heels instead of sneakers.) Fall and Winter are the best seasons to wear this look.




Would you like to try the maximalist style?

I know most may think that maximalism just involves piling a ton of statements in one look.

Some of this is true, but it would be an epic fail if it’s not strategically put together. I can help you have personalized maximalist looks specially styled for you based on your style and lifestyle!

Need help mastering the maximalist approach to style? Book a FREE style consultation with me and let’s make a style plan 🤗

If you book a personal style session during your call, you’ll be gifted with a HUGE discount towards your style session to get you skilled as a maximalist.

How do you feel about the maximalist approach to style? Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for stopping by :)

“Style your fullest.” -Rinnie P.