First Day of Spring: Rubik’s Cube Style


Happy first day of Spring style babes!! There’s a lot of Spring trends to digest and indulge in, but I prefer to kick off the Spring my way with my super fun Rubik’s Cube accessories! My Rubik’s Cube inspired handbag is responsible for heartening today’s look. As soon as I received my bag, I knew right away that I must have a pair of Rubik’s Cube earrings! Once I had this planted in my head, the Rubik’s Cube earring search began :)


After searching everywhere..

I finally found the perfect pair of Rubik’s Cube earrings! They were big, bold, and literally cried out my name. When I found them, my heart pounded from the excitement and relief. I was so proud that my earring adventure led me to discover a really unique brand! These beautiful Rubik’s Cube earrings were handmade by Olivia Moore, owner and earring designer for HypnoEars. One fun fact about HypnoEars is that all earrings are made with yarn and a plastic canvas. Yeah, I’m sure it sounds simple, but it’s not. It takes great talent and a lot of time to create such amazing designs by hand. Check out more of HypnoEars cool earring designs at their online shop!


The Bag That Started it all

Here’s the reason for it all! This colorful and fun Rubik’s Cube crossbody handbag definitely takes the credit for initiating my creative juices. It may look small by picture, but it’s actually pretty roomy! Also, it has the power to add a pop of fun to any of your casual looks.


Shop my look!

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