Dear Karl Lagerfeld, You Will Be Missed...


Who is Karl Lagerfeld?

We’ve recently lost a fashion angel and this is one that has touched many of our fashion hearts. Karl Lagerfeld, long time Creative Director for Chanel, had recently passed due to pancreatic cancer. He dropped jaws when he became the director for Chanel in the early 80’s. It was said that, “He revamped Chanel following the death of the great Coco Chanel.” Not only was he the director for Chanel, but he also did amazing design work for Fendi, a high-end luxury fashion brand.


How will we remember him?

On top of all of Lagerfeld’s great achievements, we will always remember Lagerfeld for his creative spins on ready to wear and his signature personal style. Besides Janelle Monae, I don’t know anyone else who can consistently pull off wearing all black and white without boring us! How about the time he hired strippers to model for Fendi’s runway show in the early 90’s? Ha! Unforgettable.. He stirred a lot pots that day, but this is fashion. It will ALWAYS be filled with surprises. 

Lagerfeld’s last collection


Lagerfeld’s last collection for Chanel was every bit of amazing. He played with prints and textures bringing an even more glamorous and modern approach to the earlier Chanel designs. I definitely see bits of Coco Chanel’s early collections being relived in Lagerfeld’s final collection. The Fall-Winter 2019/20 runway show was done without his presence, due to his passing.

We will forever remember Karl Lagerfeld for his history of creating amazing collections, his fearless approach to fashion, and his risky runway moments. Thanks for stopping by! Remember to always style your fullest ;)

Style fully,

Rinnie P.