Have a Pineapple Party with The Red Closet Shop!


“And the party don’t start till I walk in!” Ke$ha couldn’t have said it better! Let’s just say all this pineapple cuteness calls for a celebration. Seems to be that the pineapple fashion trend is here to stay and I am so here for it! Honestly, I enjoy seeing the pineapple fashion trend all down my timeline!

Today’s pineapple top and accessories are sponsored by The Red Closet Shop. I really enjoy this store a lot, because their merchandise embodies boldness and fun. They also carry unique pieces that other online stores don’t have! So, there’s no need to worry if everyone has what you have (wink, wink). Head back to my previous post to check out other fun items that are from The Red Closet Shop as well!

Back to the Pineapple party..

Wanna join this party with me? All you have to do is shop my top or earrings and we’ll be “twinning” in no time! Use my discount code “RINNIE10” for 10% off your purchase :)


What I love most about this top is..

the mesh sleeves. It’s super breathable and this makes it even greater to wear during the Summer time! It’s paired best with denim skirts, shorts, skinnies, or flares. I paired mine with overalls :)


Now on to these earrings honey..

Oh my gosh! The pineapple leather earrings are not only super cute, but they are very lightweight. This means there are no worries about them weighing down your ears. We all know how a lot of large statement earrings could be pretty heavy on the ears, but not these!


So are you going to join my pineapple party? I’d love to see how you’d rock this fun pineapple top and earrings!

Shop my pineapple goodies: 

Use code “RINNIE10” for 10% off at checkout!

Quick Styling Tips:

  1. For a causal look, wear earrings with a tee and jeans.

  2. For a dressier look, wear earrings with a dress and heels. Also, try wearing it with a blouse and dress bottoms.

  3. To dress down the top, wear it with some denim bottoms and flats/sneakers.

  4. To dress up the top, throw on some heels with it. Best heels to pair it with are chunky heels, platforms, and wedges.


Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment and share. Style your fullest as always!✨ 

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Photography - Katie Charlesworth

Studio - The Montrose Studios