Summer Rainbow Accessories from "The Red Closet Shop"


Heya style babes! It’s been a while, but I intend on making my long leave oh so worth it! Today’s Summer rainbow accessories are sponsored by The Red Closet Shop, a super cool online store where us fun girls can shop for bold and one of a kind pieces. Are you currently shopping for fun Summer accessories? If so, add The Red Closet Shop to your “Places to Shop” list! They have a bunch of goodies to choose from. Just take a look at these cute rainbow accessories below and keep scrolling to see how I styled them!

When and How Could you Wear These Accessories?

These rainbow accessories are great for the Spring and the Summer time. Also, they’re all very bold and would each stand out alone without being worn together! You can literally wear the earrings with a basic top and jeans, and it would instantly spice up your look! Because I wanted to show them all off, I just couldn’t resist pairing them all into one look.


3 Quick Style Tips:

  1. Wear the earrings or glasses with a solid colored top. This would allow the accessories to stand out. The top could be a tee or blouse! (Graphic tops are cool to pair them with as well. Just make sure the colors are somewhat the same. I’m actually wearing a graphic tee in this look.)

  2. Wear the flats with denim. They pair very well with denim! Examples: denim shorts, skirts, pants, dresses, or overalls.

  3. Depending on where you’re going, pick a top to go along with the occasion. Example: If you want to be casual, wear a tee. If you want to be dressier, wear a blouse. This will allow you to manipulate the accessories to work for whatever you have going on!


Check out how I wore The Red Closet Shop accessories with my “Fun Times Texas Tee” from Emerson Rose and cute Bell Bottoms aka “Flares” from Fashion House. Sidenote: I still like to call them Bell Bottoms, because I think the original name is way cooler. Comment if you feel the same!


Where can this look be worn?

This look can be worn to casual outings, social events, barbecues, festivals, concerts, bars, fashion events, a day out at the park, a movie date, and more! If you’re feeling bold, wear this look anywhere! Remember, you hold the destiny of your style. Plus, it’s okay to live a little :)


Closing Out

I hope you love my rainbow accessories as much as I do. Shop more fun accessories and apparel at The Red Closet Shop! While you’re at it, use my discount code: RINNIE10 for 10% off at checkout! Thanks for reading!! Feel free to comment and share. As always, style your fullest!✨

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Photography - Katie Charlesworth