6 Easy Ways to Style Hardcore at Coachella

Hey there style babes! As you can see, I changed my twists color from black to blue! I love it, what you think? Let me know in the comments, ha. Anywho, it is Festival time so I wanted to present to you some outfit inspiration! Who says if you're not attending Coachella, getting festival styles is irrelevant? No way! Never been? Neither have I! But it's ok 😃. Let me help you get those Festival styles together! Also, for those of you that will be attending Coachella this year, and still don't have your ensembles together, here are some easy ways to quickly get the looks that you need. Take a read!

1. Over Accessorize

Coachella is one place that you could go wearing twelve bracelets on each wrist and it is just fine! Over-accessorizing is the norm! This is like a heavenly moment for us "fashion has no rules" girls. Still not getting it? Ok.. This means you could wear chokers with your chain necklace(s), stack your bracelets/bangles, and wear rings on each finger. You are given the green light! Go for it! 


2. Show Some Skin

You can't go to Coachella dressed like a nun. Show some skin! 

3. Wear Breathable Garments

It will be hot, so wearing garments that are breathable are great to wear during festival time. For instance: crochet garments, lace, mesh, loose bell sleeve tops, and crop tops.You can't forget about your denims! Denim dresses, skirts, and shorts are allowed! 


4. Mix and Match Like It's Nobody's Business

Who says you can't minimize by mixing and matching your pieces? This could save you tons of money for your trip. For example, you may only have three tops and two bottoms, so now you feel like you have to go and purchase bottoms for your last top. Well, you don't! Simply mix a top with one of your bottoms you already have and add a different pair of shoes with accessories to change the look. Another way to simplify this is by adding a dress or one piece (ex: romper) as one of your looks. Either of these shoes will work for festival styles: ankle boots, sneakers (my fave), and strapped/wrapped sandals. Also, bring along jewelry (refer to #1.) that you could switch up with each outfit. Make sure your mix and matching portrays a sense of styling ease.

5. Posses Key Pieces

Your key pieces are the items that will allow your look to pop and stand out. For instance: a long fringe vest, floppy hat, color or kaleidoscope sunglasses, lace garments, metallic pieces and so on. You could have on a simple black and white look, but if you add a pair of blue shades and a blue fringe vest, it would take your look to the next level. Got it? Ok.. Let's move on.

6. Own Your Look and Have Fun

Don't be uptight about what you're wearing! Own your ensemble! No one will stare at you. Why? Because you're at Coachella! Everyone is living by the "no rules" style code. Be yourself, have fun, and oh yeah style fully! 

P.S. In case you don't want to spend money on new items to get your festival looks, check your closet for the items that I've mentioned, because you may already own pieces that you could combine together. If you need more tips feel feee to chat with me in the comments. Happy Styling! 

Photography: Brandon Washington @bwashmedia

Leave a comment and tell me your story about how you've achieved your festival looks. Where did you go? Did you struggle? Are you going to Coachella this year? What items are you packing? Please share 😃