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Bratz Doll Escapes Toys “R” Us For Halloween

Bratz Doll Escapes Toys “R” Us For Halloween


Happy Halloweeeeeen Style Babes! With me being a girl of many styles, transitions come easily for me. After graduating High School, I experienced a period where I literally rocked leather and fishnet gloves, chains, studded and spiked belts, and combat boots etc. I’ve always had in inner goth girl waiting to redeem herself. She comes out here and there and chose to come out this Halloween! For Halloween, I chose to be a Bratz doll and channel my inner Sasha. Since goth girl was ready to come out, I had to give Sasha a gothic style twist.


What am I Wearing?

I wanted this look to be on the dark side so I decided to go all black and added just a pop of color. My pink shoes are my pop of color! I’m wearing a Black Sheer Top from Zara (sold out), Black Pleather Skater Skirt from Forever 21 (sold out) and Demonia Neptune 100 Pink Glitter Platform shoes from Sinister Soles


My heart is in these shoes! I adore them so much. Not to mention, these babies are made of vegan material! We’re talking stylish with no animal sufferance to produce. Sinister Soles also has them available in black, so go check them out and shop for some of the best gothic footwear.


Shop My Look!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Halloween look! Comment and let us know if this Bratz Doll look was successful or an epic fail! If you dressed up, share your costume details with me below!

— Rinnie P.


Photographer: Cara @streetluz

Make-up Artist: Nay @Lipstickandleggs

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