Metallic Rebel in the Summer

Hello Style Babes! As we all see, Summers are typically for bright colors and floral prints. How about we do the unusual? Rebel with me and bring out those metallics honey! Metallics were hot during the 80's and I'm so happy for their comeback. It has been utilized in H&M's Coachella 2017 collection, which surprised me, because they have never incorporated metallics in their past collections. It's also been used in Ralph Lauren's Spring 2017 collection and Forever 21's Spring 2017 collection. It is sneaking back up on us and I'm loving it. Who says you can't wear them in the Summer? Be the destiny of your own style. Want to know what I'm wearing? Take a read! 


What am I Rocking?

I'm wearing metallic crop top from H&M, black overalls from Forever 21, and metallic puma basket platform sneakers from Six:02. Not your average summer fit, but I'm not your average girl. I enjoy and uplift what people feel is "out dated" or "not in style" because basically, I wear what I want without worrying about whether I'm breaking any "rules". I know most want to see flowers and summery items, so I will present some of those looks to you soon and of course with a spin. Stay tuned. Enjoy this look for now! 

Are You Going to Join Me in My Metallic Ramp?

You should! I encourage you to shine out with me in metallics. Just so you have NO EXCUSE, I have provided some stores with dope metallic garments for the summer time. Post yourself rebelling in your metallic fit, tag me @rinniepstyles, and I will repost your look on my Instagram account. Let's go! 

Happy Styling!

Photo Credits:  @dcrumpvisions

Photo Credits: @dcrumpvisions

Step outside your style box.
— Rinnie P.

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