Sporty Girl Galore

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Sporty isn't always portrayed as sexy. Most sporty wear is believed to be for just athletic activities etc. I beg to differ! I feel you can wear whatever you want as long as you own it and that's coming from a sporty girl! Today's look is sporty with a girly twist. I've actually posted this outfit on social media before and I've had requests from style babes to go more in depth about this look, so here we are :) Refer to my very first blog post 'Introducing Sporty Girl'; showing you how to add a pop to your sportiness.

As a child born in the 90's, I grew up rocking overalls, jeans, tshirts, and sneakers. I have previous posts conveying various styles, (not just sporty) because I want my subscribers and followers to know you can win the style battle. You can try different styles and step outside your box. You only live once! When my mom bought me dresses and skirts, I wore sneakers with them. I wasn't your average tomboy. I still wore jewelry, played with dolls, and had a pink themed room. Let's just say this "Sporty With a Twist" stuff started long ago!

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How to Compliment Your Sporty 


It's very easy to compliment your sportiness. Add feminine colors and accessories to insinuate your girliness. As you see here, I'm wearing feminine colors and complimented it with accessories (pink sunglasses, choker, rings, and earrings).

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This look can be worn to school, out on a date, sports bar, or on casual hangouts. For me, I would probably wear this on any occasion 😄



Rinnie P.

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Photo & Video Cred: Brandon Washington @bwashmedia