Personal Styling

Want to develop a stylish wardrobe but don't have the time or just not sure where to start? Receive a personable style session to get styled for single occasions, vacations, or revamp your wardrobe (partially or fully). During our Personal Styling process, we take the time to develop a wardrobe for you that will be life changing.

Shopping Trip

Do you hate going out shopping? Let me shop your wardrobe needs for you! This leaves you in the comfort of your home, while I purchase what you need fashionably to make your life easier. All items shopped for will be delivered straight to your doorstep. Also, I can go shopping with you! This helps you by allowing me to give you guidance and a helping hand during your shopping trip.

Virtual Styling

Don’t live in Houston, TX? No problem! Don’t feel like meeting in person? No problem! I can style you right from your device (cell phone, laptop, tablet etc.) Outfit suggestions and shopping links will be sent to you that are specific to your wardrobe needs.

Closet Rehab

Is it hard for you to find outfits in your closet? Do you need help evaluating what you need and don't need? Or is your closet just a total mess? Whatever your closet issues are, during closet rehab, we will get to the root of it and lay those issues to rest. This process will give your closet a cleaner look while making it easier for you to orchestrate your outfits.

Photoshoot/Editorial Styling

Be picture perfect! Get styled for various photoshoot types. We will shop your photo look(s) and assist you fashionably during your photo session. Wardrobe can be provided for special projects only (should be scheduled up to 2 or more months in advance.)

Runway Styling

Do you need a Stylist to prepare your models before they hit the runway? Take off the load and let Rinnie P. have your models runway ready.


I'm super fun and I won't bite ;) Lets have some style fuN!

-Your Style Friend, Rinnie P. πŸ’‹